lone_horseLone Horse Acoustic Guitar Strings

 "The superiority of Dark Horse Strings is perhaps most evident on their acoustic strings. As smooth as butter, they bring out the voice and quality of the instrument better than any other set I have used." -Alan Niven, Tru-B-    Dor Records


Dark Horse Strings: 2014 Offical Strings Of Local Music Gear Magazine


Our Talented Family Of Artists

  • Austin Ernst
    Austin Ernst
  • Doug Rappoport
    Doug Rappoport
  • Dave Daniel
    Dave Daniel
  • Patrick Cross
    Patrick Cross
  • Dusty Glenn
    Dusty Glenn
  • Julio Franco
    Julio Franco
  • Jay Fitzpatrick
    Jay Fitzpatrick
  • Chris Buck
    Chris Buck
  • Darion Alexander
    Darion Alexander
  • Davon McDuffie
    Davon McDuffie
  • Callum Williams
    Callum Williams
  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson
  • Adrian Norton
    Adrian Norton
  • David C Johnson
    David C Johnson
  • Riffuz Navarro
    Riffuz Navarro
  • Einar Aarnes
    Einar Aarnes
  • Adrian Michaels
    Adrian Michaels
  • Jacob Kelchner
    Jacob Kelchner
  • Chris Harford
    Chris Harford
  • Koko Powell
    Koko Powell



Chris Buck, Jimmy Mack, Slash, Sally Evans Slash, Chris Buck, Jimmy Mack, Dylan Doherty..
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